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Student Empowerment Program 


UNIDOS recently was awarded two grants that totaled to about $14,000 that we want to put towards a “Student Empowerment Program” focused on the importance of education, the arts, and activism.

We want to present a draft of the program to the community and get feedback. Not only feedback but what you honestly think? Would you want to be involved? Would you be able to offer time to give a presentation to youth? Or maybe would you want to offer your time to outreach or the planning? Are you a teacher, can you help us outreach? Anything that you can contribute too–feedback, time, education, advice would be welcomed.

We want this to be a program the community is very involved in planning and most important to be a program that helps bring important education to the youth of Tucson. UNIDOS believes youth should have access to the education that has been taken in the past and also a place they can explore their critical consciousness freely. We are excited about this and plan to put great efforts towards this program. UNIDOS hopes you can come and hear what we have to offer.

For more information about this event, follow us on Facebook. 

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